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Based in Berlin. Born 1986 in Potsdam, Germany (former GDR). Here are also my creative roots. My journey started with a professional training as an audio visual designer at the renowned Babelsberg Studios. Until 2023, I studied at the Film University Konrad Wolf in Babelsberg, where I graduated with a master’s and a bachelor's degree in cinematography. The cinema documentary “Invisible Demons” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021. In 2024, the feature film "Good News" celebrates its premiere at the Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis and wins the "Award for the socially relevant film". In 2019, the documentary short film “La Bestia” premiered at the IDFA in Amsterdam and at the DOK.FEST in Munich. It has been screened at 16 festivals and won 11 awards in Germany and Europe. In 2016, the documentary short film “Pallasseum” was selected at the 66th Berlinale Film Festival and has been screened at 28 international film festivals. My background in documentaries is being joined increasingly by fictional films, blending the borders between the two mediums creating hybrid fictional cinema. 


My job as a cinematographer is to observe and find images that touch people. Through observation and through communication my mind starts creating images that form a foundation for a visual language of a film. It is important to me to understand how something feels. Sensory is something that the viewer can relate to and that can spark empathy and immersion. Furthermore, I'm trying to understand how people inherent space and find a dialogue between the two of them through scale, framing, and movement. I'm working hard so that my protagonists trust me with the camera and the way that I am representing them through images.


2024 Achtung Berlin - Best Directing

2024 Achtung Berlin - Best Actor

2024 Max Opühls Price - Award for the socially relevant film - Good News
2023  prix de l'informations scientifique - fff - arte roots
2023  German-French Journalism Award - arte roots
2020  Best Documentary Short - Budapest Indi Film Fest - La Bestia
2019  Winner Student Dox - 10th Make Dox- La Bestia
2019  Best Documentary Student - OSLO Film Festival- La Bestia
2019  Audience Award - Wendland Shorts Short Film Festival- La Bestia
2019  Shorts Offeburg - Freedom Award- La Bestia
2019  Socially relevant film - Bundesfestival junger Film- La Bestia
2019  Audience Award - Bundesfestival junger Film- La Bestia
2019  Shorts Offeburg - Readers' Jury- La Bestia
2019  ERASMUS+ FIPADOC- La Bestia
2019  Shorts Offenburg - Audience Award- La Bestia
2019  PRIX ERASMUS+ FIPADOC 2019- La Bestia
2017  German Television Award 2017 - Best Infotainment - ZDF Make Love

Master of fine Arts - Cinematography - Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

Bachelor of fine Arts - Cinematography - Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf
Audio-Visual Media Designer - IHK Potsdam



Sony Venice, Carl Zeiss CP.3 Set

Canon C300 MK II, Canon R5 (B & Stills Cam) Canon L Primes Set, Canon L Zoom Set
Sachtler Tripod, DJI Ronin Gimbal (up to 7.25kg), DJI Mavic Drone, Aputure LS 300 X & LS 600 D, 5 & 3 ft dome
VW T5 production vehicle for 5 passengers and gear rack

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